Let’s talk about your focus a bit. I mean if you have no understanding of how you will use the language, you can’t learn it. You just can’t. There are many stories when we just get lost in the process or grammar and vocabulary. We search for the best method or even for a miracle. There is something which will help us bring all this mess to some order. How do other people speak English, but I don’t, after all these years? The secret is in not in the method, but in the right focus and procedure. So, what’s your level of expectations? What are you learning to do in English?

And what’s my focus? In this course, you will hear many short lessons helping you develop your confidence in English on a basic communication level. I will be making episodes which could help people who travel, show start living in a foreign country (not necessarily English speaking country) and needs English for simple everyday tasks and also for people who want to use English for their business but still unsure their English is good enough. All these people know something but they have some gaps and questions. They can’t express themselves freely, and they know some words but they don’t know when to use them. They understand some English but often get lost when people speak a lot and fast. So, we will be completing the gaps and developing a solid base of English to use in the future. We will figure out how to use English the right way.

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