Hello everybody. This is me, Daria Storozhilova, and this is my new podcast for English learners. This will be a series of short episodes, about 5 minutes long going live on weekdays: five days a week. Subscribe on figureoutenglish.com to get all the episodes to your inbox.

In this podcast, I want to help you stop feeling lost in English. We will discuss set expressions you need to use to sound natural in English. We will fix vocabulary and pronunciation problems. And we will help you avoid stupid mistakes in English and say exactly what you want to say. So, this podcast will help you figure out how to speak English well.

Please let me know about questions you have about English, and I will make an episode about them.

Please visit figureoutenglish.com for all podcast episodes and free downloads with transcripts and learning notes. Don’t forget to share and comment! See you inside!

Enjoy listening!